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I have worked as a football TV commentator for about a half year and, to tell the truth, I never felt comfortable in that role. I have never been interested in football, even though the players are interesting personalities. I like more commenting about tennis. Also, I am a co-host of the TV program called “Tell me, what’s wrong.” Along with a therapist, we help couples solve relationship issues.

Anastasia Myskina OK photo

Anastasia Myskina OK photo 2

Anastasia Myskina OK photo



TV future of tennis players: Myskina, Golovin, Dementieva… who’s next?

Tatiana Golovin surely likes what Anastasia Myskina is doing with her post-tennis career. Sidelined with a hip injury, the French tennis player of Russian origin (something that the Russian press never forgets to mention) will work as a TV commentator for the France Télévisions during the Roland Garros. That’s a good news for me! Since Eurosport is not broadcasting Roland Garros in my area, I can only watch it on French channels. Given my limited knowledge of French, it becomes quite important who covers the event. The last year’s commentators were quite boring (though still not as boring as the ones working for Eurosport). When you don’t understand the language, it becomes quite important to listen to commentators who are colorful and emotionally unrestrained:-) Let’s say…like…the Spanish commentators. Once, I somehow started watching Rafa’s match on Spanish television (I think it was during the Olympics), oh, man, the coverage was HOT! There was not a single hint or attempt to appear fair and balanced. They were sweating and moaning alongside with Rafa, and screaming after each beautiful shot. Quite an experience, I must say:-)

Tati is not the only one with TV career dreams. In an interview with the Russian media, Elena Dementieva has also mentioned that she is planning to study journalism after retiring from tennis, so that she can work for television.


Elena Vesnina dates Nastya Myskina’s ex-boyfriend

Anastaya Myskina with boyfriend Elena Vesnina boyfriend reports that Russian tennis player Elena Vesnina (ranked 84th) is currently dating Anastasia Myskina’s ex-boyfriend and her child’s rumored father Konstantin Korneev. Korneev, 24, is a popular hockey player in Russia. Myskina herself has never confirmed the identity of her son’s father, but there was much speculation in the Russian media that Korneev is the guy. Vesnina and Korneev were spotted together during the recent Fed Cup event in Moscow. There is also a video showing the couple sitting together in the stands.


Too much vodka: Anastasia Myskina edition

Anastasia Myskina kissingAnastasia Myskina kissing

While too much vodka left Marat with two black eyes, Anastasia Myskina was able to escape without injuries. :-) reports about Myskina’s recent public kissing “performance” at a pre-New Year party attended by many Russian stars. According to the site, with the help of some booze, Nastya couldn’t resist the seduction by another Russian star, singer and TV personality Anna Semyonovich.


Son for Anastasia Myskina

Anastasia Myskina gives birthAfter months of endless buzz around her pregnancy, Russian tennis star Anastasia Myskina gave birth to a healthy baby boy early Tuesday, Russia’s tennis chief Shamil Tarpischev said. Interestingly, the baby named Zhenya shares the same birthday with Andre Agassi.

Myskina’s biggest accomplishment (aside from her son) was 2004 Roland Garros. She also holds 10 WTA tour titles and was ranked No 2 in the world in September 2004. Anastasia turns 27 on July 8th. Congratulations!


C’mon Putin! Call Kuzy!

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Maria Sharapova for winning her third grand slam–the Australian Open title, reports Interfax news agency quoting Russian president’s press secretary Aleksey Gromov. Here is my beef with Putin. I remember somewhere (don’t remember where) reading Svetlana Kuznetsova’s interview, where she mentioned how she felt somewhat “left-out” when Putin didn’t call to congratulate her after winning the US Open in 2004. Earlier that year, Putin called to congratulate Maria Sharapova for Wimbledon, Anastasia Myskina for Roland Garros, but somehow things apparently got hectic for Mr Putin right around the time when Sveta won her title.

C’mon Putin. Pick up the phone and call to congratulate Kuzy! It is never too late…for Mother Russia!


Anastasia Myskina Pregnant and Single

Myskian PregnantMyskina Pregnant

In an interview with Russian newspaper Tvoi Den, famous Russian tennis player Anastasia Myskina confirms that she is four months pregnant and is due in May. Myskina has broken up with her recent boyfriend Russian hockey player Konstantin Korneev. No wonder Nastya was reluctant to talk about the baby’s father:

“That topic is closed. I’ll just say that I am not getting married in the near future. I am a single person. I don’t know about the baby’s gender yet, and I haven’t decided yet where I will give birth—in Russia or abroad.”

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Chakvetadze, Andreev Best Tennis Players of Russia 2007

Igor Andreev and Anna Chakvetadze were honored yesterday as the best tennis players of Russia in 2007. Russia’s Fed Cup has won “The Team of the Year” award.

Chakvetadze enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2007, ended the season at No 7 in the world and managed to win four titles. As to Andreev, I am not sure why he was chosen. He didn’t win a single title this year, however has been a very valuable player for Russia’s Davis Cup team. reports that Andreev received the award and didn’t even stay for the post-ceremony party. He hurried to watch the football (soccer for my US readers) game between Russia and Israel.

Russian Tennis Player Igor Andreev Russiasn Tennis Player Anna Chakvetadze

Andreev looks like as if he is waiting for his bride:-) And Anna has that ever-virgin look in her eyes.

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Quick updatesRussian Tennis Players, Tennis

  • Justin Henin has wrapped up the year-end No. 1 ranking for the third time. (Via On the Baseline)
  • Maria Sharapova, Amelie Mauresmo crashed out of Moscow’s Kremlin Cup. (Via
  • If you know Russian, check out Serena William’s interview with Tennis and Business magazine.
  • Anastasia Myskina still has no idea when she will be back. She will not be playing in Australian Open for sure (Via Vtoraya Podacha)

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Where is Anastasia Myskina?

Anastasia Myskina is the first Russian woman tennis player ever to win Grand Slam title (Roland Garros 2004). But nowadays she is more interested in Russian Premier League Football than tennis. While she is still recovering from her injuries, the Russian star is developing a new career—football television commentator. She has been working as a football show host for the Russian NTV TV station.

Quite a change of a career, given the fact that football (soccer for the American fans) traditionally has never been popular among women in Russia. From what I could understand from her interviews with Russian media, she didn’t have much knowledge about the football when she first started the job. She has also denied rumors of her early retirement, saying that the chance of her comeback is 50%-50%. In short, the desire is still there, if the body lets her.

In addition to her Roland Garros title, Myskina has won 10 WTA titles. She turned 26 on July 8.


Anastasia Myskina


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