Buell 1190RS Superbike Wallpapers

Hey, what’s going on guys? Erik Buell Racing has finally given us a complete look at the new 1190RS sportsbike after weeks of leaking teaser shots. Now that the stipulation to not manufacture road going Buells for a period of 12 months has expired, Erik is back.

The bike promises to be the first new road-legal machine produced by the innovative designer, Erik Buell, since parent company Harley-Davidson pulled the plug on Buell Motorcycles at the end of 2009.

It should be more than a match in terms of performance for the likes of the Ducati 1198 and KTM RC8R.

Predictably, the 1190RS is based on EBR's $44,900 1190RR racer, itself a development of the last of the 'old' Buell's: the Rotax-engined 1125R.

Developed with help from former MotoGP riders Jeremy McWilliams and Alex Barros, as well as a host of top US racers, the 1190RR track machine boasts an explosive power-to-weight ratio, weighing in at just 164kg and making 185bhp and 93ftlb of torque at the rear wheel.

With its road legal exhausts, road bodywork, lights and indicators, the 1190RS is bound to weigh a more, although judging by all the carbon fiber in the latest picture, not by much.

An earlier leaked picture also showed the new bike's nose, which seems to closely resemble that of the 1190RR racer, also pictured. The 1190cc V-twin is likely to be detuned slightly for reliability too, but should still deliver mouth-watering performance.

In typical Erik Buell style, the machine mixes the normal with the unconventional and has a rim-mounted front brake disc and its fuel cell located inside the aluminum beam frame.

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