Yamaha motorcycles "Fire" in Moto GP

Yamaha will be the best motorcycles on the Moto GP tournament. We know that Valentine Rossi in injured, but, there is still someone who can play this "game". Jorge Lorenzo still the best, after some race, He can be the number one, truly, i don't believe him, but now, he can showing to us and to Yamaha Motorcycles team that He can play more as like Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo never lost !!! He can ride fast as like Valentino Rossi and be the Champion !!

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi powered by Yamaha Motorcycles, 2 bikes with great performance and great acceleration and speed, no one can beat Jorge Lorenzo, in the last race, Lorenzo come back and win the race. Now, who can stop him? Honda with Dani Pedrossa still in the second position, also Stoner with Ducati Motorcycles. Jorge Lorenzo have a great talent, He can ride the Yamaha Motorcycles as well...
Jorge LorenZo Yamaha motoGP

Who can be the Chaampion on 2010-2011 Moto-Gp?, and my answer is Lorenzo.. best ride, best performance and best Motorcycles so far...


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